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Harrington Team

The H.C. Harrington Co. is pleased that you have given us the opportunity to show you how much we value your business. We strive every day to handle quality items, to be competitive and to give you the very best service. The H.C. Harrington Co. sells to established firms in the swimming pool and spa business. We realize that without you, our dealers, we would be out in the cold. Thank you for allowing us to serve you. We recognize that you are the most important person on the Harrington Team.

To better serve you, we have listed members of the Harrington Team and their duties.

President Donald "DJ" W. Wright Jr.
Vice President Barry Wright
General Manager Paul Powers
Accounting Manager Beth Bowser
Purchasing Tony Fischetti
Account Manager Justin Wright
Account Manager Bob Albright
Account Manager Jason Gill
Account Manager Don Long
Warehouse Manager William McMillen
Driver Manager Al Seddon
Warehouse Chuck Williams