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About Us

H. C. Harrington Co., Inc. started as a plumbing business in the Pittsburgh, PA area and migrated to swimming pool distribution in the 5 state area of PA, OH, WV, NY, and MD.

H.C. Harrington Co., Inc. is an independent distributor that services and distributes its products through pool and spa dealers, pool builders, service and maintenance companies, general plumbing, contracting, heating, electrical and landscape companies.

We do our best to have knowledgeable team members, a strong inventory, and very competitive pricing. We realize that our livelihood depends on you, our dealers. Thank you for your trust and business.

Company History

  • 1904 - Company founded by Harry "Pop" Charles Harrington.
  • 1945 - Donald Wright Sr. started to work for Pop.
  • 1955 - Jane and Don Wright took over the company.
  • 1965 - Donald "DJ" Wright came to the company part time.
  • 1971 - DJ returned from a tour in the 25th infantry in Vietnam and started working full time.
  • 1974 - Don Wright Sr. named President of the National Pool and Spa Institute.
  • 1980 - Barry Wright joined the company.
  • 1983 - DJ became President/CEO of H.C. Harrington Co.
  • 1983 - Barry Wright became Vice President/Treasurer of H.C. Harrington Co.
  • 1989 - DJ Wright was President of the NSPI.
  • 1999 - DJ Wright joined the Board of Directors of the National Swimming Pool Foundation.
  • 2010 - H.C. Harrington launched their own chemical brand.